Design and application of SFX Makeup and wig
Agency: Isobel Creative


Head of makeup for “Good Times” music video
DOP: Olly Wiggins
Director: Charlie di Placido and J Lloyd
Producer: Matt Craig


Grooming for Volvo CEO and other employees for launch of new Electric Volvo
DOP: Tony Miller
Production Company: Locate Productions
Agency: Akqa

Apple Tree Yard

Makeup for Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin. I had to do everything from bruises to sweat to body makeup to glamorous looks for Emily.
Makeup Designer: Sarah Grundy
Director: Jessica Hobbs

Home Office

For this project, I had to research the typical hair and makeup of different cultures to make it as truthful as possible.
Director: Andy Lo Po
DOP: Adrian Wolfson

Ford Citivan

Hair and makeup for all cast
Agency: Makerhouse
Production Company: Locate Productions

Snug Sofas

Hair and makeup for all cast
Director: Sam McElwee
DOP: Oliver Dahmen