I made, printed and applied custom tattoos for the Mini Cheddars campaign which was launching new Mexican inspired flavours and then oiled the wrestlers up!

Photographer: Todd Antony
Production Company: Stills Production


Working with a Pharmaceutical company, I had to create a specific type of bruising that one of their drugs treats. This involved researching the bruises - their colours and textures to make them as accurate as possible. 

Photographer: Nick Dolding
Production Company: Horton Stephe


Makeup & Hair for campaign Public Health England’s fight on obesity during Covid-19

nike gamekiller

Grooming and makeup for Ewa Pajor, Marcus Rashfod and Mauro Lcardi for Nike ‘Gamekiller’ campaign.
Hair: Regina Meesen
Photographer: Lucas Garrido

the hairy bikers, knorr

Makeup and grooming for ‘Cheat on Meat’ campaign.
Photographer: Sam McElwee